Monday, November 5, 2012

Are you all ready for elections?

Ahhhhhhh. Its that time of year again. Turkey, leaves changing, gaining those extra winter pounds that you promised you would lose this year, and elections. You see, elections are amazing in a way. They change the way America acts for months. One minute my girlfriend and I are snuggling with each other watching a nice romantic movie, the next, we are fighting over gun laws, the death penalty, taxes, abortions etc etc etc. Why? Those deadly commercials on television that get us all fired up.

I am sure this has happened to most Americans this year. The elections happening this year are very close and online polls seem to be neck in neck. I mean heck, even 7-11 had their own election going on! Want Romney, get a red coffee cup. Want Obama, get a blue coffee cup. Want Tea Party, get a green one. And the funny thing is, Obama cups can be purchased with food stamps. Romney cups are purchased with a gun, and tea party cups are purchased, they are protested.

Come on Americans. We are all fed up with this stuff and just want it to be over with. Of course, I am not trying to discourage anyone from voting. Just get out there and follow what you believe in. Happy voting everyone and be safe out there.

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