Science: The Atom and Our Universe

Can space be defined? Space, according to scientists, goes on for eternity. Yet, we do not know for sure whether or not that it even true. What if it does not go on forever? What if space, is just a smaller part of something even larger? See the truth is, no one can really explain that this is untrue.

Now, on to the atom. What an interesting little guy right? Atomic nuclear force, nuclear fission and fusion, electrons zipping around in every single thing in our universe. But the thing is, there are things even smaller then the atom. Inside the atom there are quarks and gluons. What is inside them? Atoms are filled with empty space, right? Well, what is outside our atmosphere?

So, I think you all understand where this hypothesis is going. Everything that we know it is a revolving atom. If you were to break down the atom itself so far, it would be made up of space. Universes. Galaxies. Planets. Stars. Trash. Those aliens we have been searching for? They could be living inside an atom right inside your own body. Okay, so I know this sounds pretty far fetched right? I mean, atoms are elements broken down and there is no way you could put all elements to make up smaller universes inside an already broken down element. This is science folks. I want your argument on why my hypothesis could be wrong. But if you really think about it, it could be right to.

Hinduism. The religion of reincarnation. In your next life you are a bug!!!! When you die in this life, depending on how you acted towards your fellow man, and your planet, you could go to christian heaven or hell. Where do you go if you go to heaven? Up? Up where? Up another atomic level. Going to hell? You are going down another atomic level. Folks, this makes perfect sense. It explains every single religion all in one. You ARE reincarnated, you WILL go to heaven or hell, you CAN be Buddhist and look within yourself, within your atoms to find truth. Science and religion are BOTH correct. Think about it. Christians, Jews, and Islam all believe in the higher being God. Well, if our space is all one tiny little atom in someone else's world, and so on, then there will always be a higher being. Like I said, it is a revolving door.

Chemistry. Physics. Biology. Bloggerology. Every single science is working together to create this. Gravitational pull is one of our weakest forces, yes? And the Strong Nuclear Force is our strongest? What is all the gravitational pulls are just weak forces combining together to make that strong nuclear force? Everything is pulling towards itself right?

I know this is a completely outrageous thought. Half the people that read this blog will immediately start firing back with backup, proofs, explanations on why I am wrong. That is what they said to Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton in their times as well. The earth is flat. We are the center of the universe. Well, hello science world. Would this not explain why you keep getting epicycles? 

If you did completely read this nonsense and actually got to thinking about it, good job. You are a deep thinker. It is possible that it could be true. It makes complete sense.

However, I do want to hear everyone's thoughts on this hypothesis. Go ahead and lay into it, or counter argue why it could be true. I am looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions!!!!!

Thank you


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